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Prepare Your Ford Escape For a Summer Escapade

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

be excited driving the Ford Escape for your adventure, but before you head for fun, make sure your vehicle is equipped with the necessary auto parts and accessories to ensure your convenience, comfort and most especially, safety. Whether you are driving a Ford Escape or not, you must do a regular checkup on your auto to ensure it’s always at its best shape and driving condition. Although built with Ford’s high quality standards, Ford Escape Parts are also subject to common car problems, especially when it is not given enough care and attention.

Here are some insights that can help you prepare your vehicle for a long ride and some tips on car maintenance.

1. Ford Wheels [http://www.carpartsmax.com/Ford_Wheels.html/] are the closest to the road, so they are more prone to wear and tear. Always wash your Ford Wheels with soap and water to prevent corrosion. Likewise the tires must be properly scoured to remove deep down grime and small particles it came contact with on the road. If you notice serious problems, don’t hesitate replacing them. It’s better to spend extra amount for a new wheels rather than suffer the inconveniences of a road accident.

2. Traveling during the hottest days of the year could be wearisome if your air conditioning system isn’t working. Check the major parts of your a/c system, especially the Ford AC Condenser, which is the one in charge of cooling off the refrigerant gas that absorbed the heat from the cabin. Check if the condenser has leaks; the refrigerant gas could freeze anything it contacts and could suffocate when inhaled.

3. Check the electrical system; especially, check your Ford Alternators and test the battery. Without these two essential parts of the system, your car won’t run. Make sure your battery and the alternator are free from damages.

4. Replace busted Ford Lights. Driving without sufficient light especially at night is extremely dangerous. When driving off-road, you may need additional auto lights for added safety.

5. Lastly, don’t forget to check the engine, fuel and the fuel filter to avoid breakdowns and roadside delays. Clean filters could help you improve the vehicle’s performance and help you save on fuel expenses.

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