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Ford 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Perhaps best known for icons like the F-Series truck line and Mustang sports car, Ford has more recently made a major push to down-size its vehicles with cars like the Focus and Fiesta. Smaller engines are also part of the mix with new EcoBoost technology using both direct-injection and turbocharging. The Blue Oval is also trending away from SUVs and towards crossovers, like the Explorer, Esape, Edge and Flex. Hybridsand electric vehicles are also catching on at Ford with the C-Max, Focus EV and Fusion hybrids all gaining popularity.

Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, the Ford Motor Company is credited for introducing the assembly line as a way of mass-producing vehicles, including the Model T. Despite selling off the brands years ago, Ford continues to own a small stake in Mazda and Aston Martin.

Ford went directly after the Toyota Prius, bringing the C-Max car/ to the US market with a traditional Hybrid powertrain, or Ford’s Energy powertrain that adds a plug-in hybrid options. Hybrid and Energy powertrains are also available on the Fusion while a full electric Focus will be available soon. These cars aren't yet matching Toyota's for quality or gas mileage, but they have their adherents.

Ford also does well with its SUV segment. The Escape CUV shares a platform with the Focus, but feels like twice the size, and has been a big seller and a huge success for FMC. The Edge offers a little more room and little more power, it's still more or less meant to be a family soccer van. The Explorer SUV shares a platform with the Taurus and has some offroad capability, while the aging Expedition has even more, but it's well overdue for an update. With no minivan in the lineup, Ford loyalists can and have flocked to the Flex Crossover with seating for up to seven and a fun minimalist square design.

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