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Lambo Huracan retouching with gimp

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

best Lambo Huracan retouching with gimp designs. After retouching my Exona concept,I've also tried to do something better with my rendering of Lamborghini Huracan.Realistic rendering was created with my rendering software Simlab Composer several months ago.3d modeling with blender3d 2.70 version.I've made this retouching with gimp brushes,layer effects etc.I've been worried about how I will do it,because of the lighter background,but when I added black background at the back of my car,then I saw I can create a nice artwork.At the end I tried to get some color balance with gradients,and I've found nice color to overlay my car body design.Enjoy my work design. articles and designs images by cnn news. thanks to visit and see my blog.

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