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How to care for a tattoo on your body

Friday, August 29, 2014

 Some believed that by creating a tattoo on the body could help him get the motivation to live through the image he wants to have on his body. According to them, every picture has its meaning respectively.

 The art of decorating the body like a canvas is indeed already exists since 50 years BC, where it was used as the coat of arms tattoo or a particular symbol in many quarters. Over time, even tattoos now has become part of the lifestyle trend.
 3. Retouching or touch reset

If you feel a tatto that currently has already started to fade and it could not be addressed again with ointment, you can go get a little touch to back it up again. Touch reset here the process is almost the same as when you create a tattoo, that sets it apart is just another object. The session has a tattoo of retouching, faded only to be tinged back so it will look new again. In addition, the process of restarting the touch also is certain to have a much cheaper price than you make a new tattoo.
 below are some tips on caring for a tattoo on your body:

1. guard it from sunlight.

The tattoo that stick to the skin pigment, so treatment is no different as You care for your skin. Exposure to too much sunlight can damage the image of a tattoo on your skin.
2. brush with a special ointment.

For most lovers of the tattoo may not be unfamiliar if heard the name "After Care". The name is derived from an ointment made specifically for keeping the quality of color and image tattooed on your body.

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